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Musicstack is free to the consumer. Gemm, in most instances, is also free, although, unlike Musicstack in some cases, Gemm will charge a transaction fee to purchase from certain sellers through its website. While this is a small added expense, (approximately 15 percent) these transactions have a money back guarantee from Gemm (something Musicstack does not offer).

Of the two websites, both offer an excellent resource to find almost any record / CD that you could imagine. While both are an excellent resource, Gemm does a better job of offering feedback on the different sellers and helping users to find sellers who will provide the most courteous, reputable, and prompt service.

Release: Trading Eights Blueprint Artist: The Five Corners Quintet Format: 10” Label: Ricky Tick Records

A tasty side project of NuSpirit Helsinki, Finland’s Five Corner Quintet dishes up two bossa flavored dance jazz numbers, reminding us of everything that was great about the bossa influenced jazz of the ‘60s. Yet Trading Eights and Blueprint still maintain a feeling that is both vibrant and fresh while managing to avoid the overproduction that is laden in so many contemporary dance jazz tracks. Nice packaging and liner notes reminiscent of old Blue Note and Verve releases make this even more desirable. Author's Note: Trading Eights can also be found on Schema Record’s compilation Break N' Bossa, Chapter six, while Blueprint can also be found on the compilation Jazz Bizniz! Volume three - Independent Jazz, Soul & Outernational Sounds on Counterpoint Records. Label Website:

Thinkin how, no matter how hard you try, you cannot find that Dr. Dre remix of Stairway to Heaven. Well, there is an answer to your prayers. Both Gemm ( and Musicstack ( specialize in helping consumers find those not so easy to find records and CDs. Both websites are essentially databases of independent record stores from across the globe, connecting consumers with the music they are looking for.