4) "When I Shine" - Dynamic Syncopation remix featuring Bahamadia by Herbalisher (Ninja Tune) "Badamadia supplies a 'roll off the tongue' rap to a tasty dynamic syncopation remix." Hear it at: www.ninjatune.net

5) "Rodney Yates" by David Holmes (Go Beat) "Another soundtrack gem from the master of 'soundtrack music without accompanying films'." Hear it at: www.buy.com

Kream Get Down - Fridays at Blu, 3112 Main Thurs Oct 9th at Iberia 3148 Main St w/Quantic

1) Got Some Teeth by Obie Trice (Shady/Aftermath) "I know a hit when I hear one. This is a hit. 50 who?" Hear it at: www.sandbox.pair.com/test12c.html

2) Senorita by Justin Timberlake (Jive) "Nsync was gay but Justin + Neptunes = dope male vocalist music." Hear it at: www.amazon.com

3) Light Your Ass On Fire by Busta Rhymes (Star Trak) "Neptunes again, this time bringing electro sounds back to pop music" Hear it at: www.sandbox.pa-ir.com/test12a.html

4) Diplodocus by Thingamajawn (Money Studies) "Temporarily unknown Diplo drops a dirty south/crate digging bomb on 45" Hear it at: www.sandboxautom-atic.com/test710.html

5) When You Hear That by Beanie Sigel (Roc-A-Fella) "He’s got guns, weed and Ol’ Dirty. What more does a rapper need?" Hear it at: www.sandbox.pair.com/test12a.html Dr. Wisz of déjà blü Every other Sat. at Off The Wall, 534 Elmwood Ave.

Thurs Oct 9th at Iberia 3148 Main St w/Quantic 1) "Chronic Dose" by Thunderball (18th Street Lounge) "The fusing of Jamaican dub music with electronic grooves never ceases to amaze me and the boys at 18th Street Lounge are the master scientists of this sound." Hear it at: www.thunderballdc.com 2) "A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays" - 6:00 A.M. Mix by De la Soul (Tommy Boy) "A smooth De La groove from the old days. Good for 6:00 A.M., or 6:00 P.M. for that matter!"

3) "Spaces + Places" by Mitchell + Dewbury (Climate) "Groovy Nu-Jazz featuring a funky flowing keyboard track."Hear it at: www.mitchellanddewbury.com