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Ninja Tune

Coldcut’s Ninja Tune imprint has by far become one of the leading labels for the production of wide array of abstract beats from hip-hop, jazz, dub and anything that falls somewhere in-between.

Cinematic Orchestra, DJ Food, Up Bustle & Out and dj Vadim are but a few of artists Ninja Tune currently represents. Ninja Tune’s website,, is bar none one of the best independent label websites going providing a wealth of information on each of its artists and releases (including an extensive bank of audio samples and an easy way to purchase music directly from the label). Their forum section is a great way to get in touch with Ninja’s (how the Ninja Tune refers to its fans) worldwide and reflects the great underground following this label has developed over the years.

Spinnin Around

Off the Wall

Buffalo’s new hybrid restaurant and lounge, Off the Wall, is half eatery half hip antique shop.

As their motto goes, “where almost everything is for sale,” so if you like the table you are sitting at you can buy it along with your dinner. Off the Wall also has burgeoning lounge scene on Friday and Saturday nights with an eclectic selection of djs keeping it kool. Fridays features Deepsoulplug’s Zuk (deep house, broken beat) along with various guests. On Saturday’s djs US Marshall (drum’n’bass, jazz & dub) and Dr Wisz (funk, nu jazz, hip hop) of déjà blü , split duties every other week.

Both Marshall and Wisz appear with an array of quest djs. All djs start at 9pm and play till 2am.

Funkin Marvin

Spinnin a wealth of funk, soul and r’n’b from the 60s to the present day this Marvin is not starving (where did the expression Starving Marvin come from anyways?).

Marvin (aka dj Marv) spins every Wednesday at Mr. Goodbar, 1110 Elmwood Ave (near Forest) starting at 9pm.

Funky music, cheap drinks and a low-key environment make this a great way to make it through ‘the hump.’

Dj List

EVR The Musicologist

Thurs / Fri / Sat 10pm - 4am - Allen St Bar & Grill (aka ‘The Old P _ _ _ ) - 223 Allen St Home of the Hits - Almost Every Day

1. House of Jealous Lovers - The Rapture (DFA)

2. Me & Giuliani - ! ! ! (Chk Chk Chk) (Touch & Go)!!!

3. Dance To The Underground - Radio 4 (City Slang)

4. Motiveless Crime - South (Kinetic)

5. Outside Broadcast - The Clash (Epic)


There is always great deal happening with electronic music weather it be house, trance, techno, drum’n’bass, nu jazz or hip hop. If you want to get in touch with like-minded music souls within the area visit

Standing for Western New York Southern Ontario Rave, is an excellent source to learn what is going on within electronic music scene from Toronto to Syracuse.

In addition, the site is a great source of information for promoters, producers and djs alike.

Within’s extensive forum section one can find details on events, equipment, recent releases and a lot more. Do not let the 'Rave' term sway you. There is a lot more here than just info about the rave scene. If you cannot learn what’s happening here, it’s probably not happening.