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the publishing industry

Playboy’s competition used to be Hustler magazine. Today, it’s the entire newstand. All it takes is a field trip to the bookstore, and you can shop for naked broads the same way that you shop for beef, and the price is the same. Perhaps the only thing steamier than the photos are the headlines. Here are some of our favorites: 1) Neon Nipples 2) A Better Butt Now 3) Hot New Sex Positions 4) 50 Hot Things to Do to a Naked Man, 5) The Smell of Sex 6) Shhh...librarians on film 7) Oh-Oh Orgasms 8) Put the OH in Orgasm! 9) Shameless Sex Questions, 10) 12,000 men confess what makes their toes curl 11) Sexy. Sexie. Sexiest. 12) Caught With Their Pants Down! Bedroom busts that'll make you die laughing. 13) 12 naughty new sex positions. Oh yea! 14) Is cheating always wrong? 15) What to wear this season, even if it’s nothing.

the porn industry

Porn has been the undisputed champion of T&A for centuries. And if you thought pro-male porn is something new, think again. The secret room in the Naples Archaeological Museum contains sexual artifacts from Pompeii and Herculaneum. These ancient sexy relics have been closed to all but the very rich and influential for 200 years. We won’t ask why. Today, porn is for everybody. But proceeds from this $7 billion industry go primarily to men.

the music industry

As Snoop Doggy Dogg would say, “G’s up and Hoes Down.” In fact, they go way down in the music industry. In the hip-hop genre, you’ll find plenty of misogynistic references from some of today’s billboard stars. Ironically, the ladies continue to flock to the nearest record store to pay for the privilege of being called a Bitch, Cunt, or Hoe by their favorite male recording artist. “If that’s what they want... you know? But, personally, you’d never catch me spending money on a white singer calling me a nigger,” Says Black Atlanta recording artist Reginald Holtz.

the broadcast and film industry

The debut of Halle’s “Berries” on the big screen achieved its goal of major press and ticket sales. But not without a price. Warner Bros. paid Halle $250,000 per boob, with each nipple getting only a few seconds of actual screen time. But Halle is not alone. Countless other Hollywood heroines help contribute, to the average of seven cinema sex scenes per hour. If you’re not a movie buff, no worries. Watching TV is even better. FOX network stands proud as the ultimate sex stallion, with an average of 14 depictions of sex-related material per hour. ABC comes a close second, with 12 per hour. NBC averages at 10. CBS, the slackers, have a measly six sexual references per hour. Clearly, naked women on screen is no accident. But it’s worse than you think. Actress Sarah Jessica Parker tells of being harassed and nearly losing a job when she refused to do a nude scene that was not in the script, while Rosie Perez tells of being humiliated to the point of tears when director Spike Lee was directing her in a sex scene from Do The Right Thing (how's that for irony?).


Perhaps the reason we don’t see more males in sexual ads and movies is because they’re too busy running the country. Or the world for that matter.

the booze industry

Though technically this one belongs in the advertising category, they’ve been so consistent with their famous ass-vertising, that they deserved a category of their own. College kids will be happy to know that when it comes to booze you’ll find plenty of blondes and boobs. But that’s only in the ads. Don’t expect to see these women at the bars. by Ahmad Jordan

the advertising industry

Still holding strong as America’s No. 1 public exploiter of women is the ad biz. It turns out that more than 60 percent of all advertising creative “gurus” have penises. This explains why we’re bombarded with images of fantasy women who, for the most part, don’t exist. In fact, most fashion models are thinner than 98 percent of the rest of the women in the country. And, no, it’s not something to brag about. It’s actually abnormal. Almost always, women with thin bodies are not born with big breasts so most of the images we see of women with this body type are a result of plastic surgery or photo manipulation. Unfortunately, 81 percent of women surveyed are unhappy with their bodies. In fact, 40 percent of the women who smoke say they do so to maintain their weight one quarter of those will die of a disease caused by smoking.