Born and raised in Philly, PA the easy mix and readily accessible comfort ability of the quiet suburbs and the howling city is at its worst soothing and familiar. I love Buffalo! I love her magnificent building structures and her tremendous political history.

What I do not understand however, is why Buffalo fails to love me, a converter to its norms, in return. And sadly, I find that it is no just my self.

For the past seven almost eight months I have been trying to earn and establish a life in this city I now love. And for almost thirty-two weeks I have been repeatedly let down and shut out. Finding employment, and more seriously a career, in this city is soul-wrenching and impeccable with its ability to breakdown will and character. My friends and my self, freshly educated and sufficiently experienced, are not good enough!

Many businesses, large and small, public and private, are harsh to the “lack” of experience offered by recent graduates. Our community service, academic honors, volunteer and internship activities are simply not enough to obtain an entry-level position anywhere here. Many alumnus agree with me when I say that we’ve applied to countless (although I have mine alphabetized) places, often for the most menial jobs and have been handed the awful hand of chastisement and the cruel verdict of not good enough.

What sparked my written concern, along with my own pains and frustrations, was overhearing a students’ conversation near Canisius College. A friend of hers, the student, was moving to Atlanta, GA where he had obtained employment after bouncing around in Buffalo since May 2003. This junior student, a native of Buffalo unlike her friend, was already planning to leave Buffalo because of “how hard it is to fulfill your career objectives” here.

Many young graduates from all the universities in Buffalo and her surrounding wardens have left or are planning their leave immediately upon graduation. We can not take it anymore! Mother Buffalo is merciless! We’ve been coaxed and conned into this loving relationship only to eventually be let go as an expendable casualty.

This is a sickness, rapid and disastrous to our city, her heritage, and her growth. Since I love this city, and am proud with my fondness, I am begging this city’s’ keepers to let us in! The young flourishing and definitely capable future of Buffalo are leaving or have left already. And with such resentment as to never return, not even to visit. Our continuity is at stake!

Soon there will be no one with respectable personalities and credentials to maintain our sacred establishments and individual treasures. Please, think twice and productively about your decisions and hiring processes and once again open the doors to your future. By Nyoka Toler

I remember a year ago reading an article in the Spectrum, the UB student newspaper, about the city of Buffalo, NY. The writer compelled me into warm thoughts, and I must admit, love for Buffalo. The Albright-Knox Gallery, summers’ Thursday’s in the Park, and hip hop on Saturday nights at Jade nightclub on Delaware Avenue, have all somehow become home to me.